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2018-02-15 22:35

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Libro escrito por Por: Paloma Esteban Leal

With warmth and wisdom throughout, Palmer describes in a most linear fashion his own triumphs and travails from institutions of many kinds: social, spiritual, and higher education. He is as inclined to quote some calming poetry as he is to lecture on leadership. He taps all the right people for their own thoughts on life and leading (Buechner, Dillard, Rilke, Rumi) and organizes the book's five chapters beneath simple metaphors--the changing of seasons, and those in one's life. He loves an analogy but staves off the hokey stuff. Some will brand his style of writing and leadership to be simplistic for this less-than-utopic world, but very real strength and endurance seep through Palmer's pages to let the reader know that he's been in some precarious spots and lived to tell the tales. He does so from a professional-cum-personal standpoint that makes him highly readable and refreshing when so many other writers on leadership give us models for self-salvation or "principles" on how to get what we want, in so many words. Palmer is quick--and right--to dismiss this "power of positive thinking" as a waste of time. He doesn't have time for such tricks; he's lived too long and seen too much for that. So yes, it's an easy little jam of a read, quick and simple. Leave it to the Quaker to pull no punches. He has some great insights about institutions and learning and vocation, as expected from the title, but he doesn't gloss over the dark times of his own life--depression and the like--but rather reveals plainly what these times meant for him and who he is today as a man and leader. He does all of this with a gentle wit and candor that's refreshing and lacking a hint of pretention. A lot of self-fashioned spiritual "leaders," many of whom have never met a stage or a microphone that they didn't like, could stand to learn from this candid prose and elegant man. The same is true for the everyday denizen such as you and me too. Give Palmer's peace a chance.

Lector Kymberlee Jones de Suk Kasem, Pak Thong Chai District, Nakhon Ratchasima , Thailand

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