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2018-02-13 14:35

Alfred 00-PA9608 Ash Grove - Music Book Biblioteca de TrendBooks

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On the night of the Bhopal gas tragedy, Anjali waited in a Bhopal train station, her arrival forgotten by her adulterous husband. The suffering she witnessed and experienced that night left her with lingering physical and emotional wounds, and while Anjali survived, her marriage did not. Once a superficial but dutiful wife, Anjali had been thrilled with the status her talented military officer husband provided her. But life as a military wife brought her into contact with diversity previously unknown to her, and she began finding her authentic self, and authentic strength, through new friendships. And when she determinedly held on to her decision to divorce Prakash, completely rejecting cultural mores, Anjali began to truly grow up. This is just the backstory to Amulya Malladi's A Breath of Fresh Air. The story really starts when, over a decade later, Anjali runs into Prakash again. She and her second husband, Sandeep, are doing their best to take care of their twelve-year-old son who is dying of birth defects caused by the Bhopal disaster. Their relationship, however, is thrown off-balance by the sudden presence of Prakash and his second wife. Told in alternating first-person sections narrated by Anjali, Sandeep, and Prakash, the novel jumps back and forth in both time and perspective, but the story it weaves is still tight and focused, the emotional strands varied but rich in the complete picture they create. The strength of the characters made this book an excellent read for me. I loved Anjali and Sandeep, and while Prakesh's sections weren't as strong as Anjali's or Sandeep's, I still thought they fleshed out the story in thoughtful, necessary ways. All the characters were complicated, and they were shown facing down choices that allowed them to grow (or to not). The emotional landscape of this novel was somewhat bitter, somewhat sweet, but it was unyieldingly genuine in its depiction of love, fear, and relationships.

2018-02-13 15:35

Temes d'Art: Art Gotic Biblioteca de TrendBooks

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If you are a lover of Greek Mythology be warned that Goddess Interrupted does not follow the actual myths. Carter has taken the myths and put major twists to pretty much all of it. And for a person like me who loves her Greek Mythology at times it can be frustrating but when I read it and take it for what it is, it's actually an enjoyable read. First and foremost I still can't stand Henry. He infuriates me through the entire novel. It is so wrong the way he treats Kate. Plain and simple I do not like him even in the end when he did try to make things better between the two of them the damage had been done as far as my feelings towards him goes. Although I have to admit Carter did do a great job writing his character because it takes a lot for me to get so emotionally pissed off at a character. I think I might have had understood him better if there were a few chapters written from his point of view. What I was interested in going into this novel was how Kate and Persephone would interact. And Persephone definitely made things interesting. As far as Kate's character is concerned she is a much stronger character then in the previous book but my biggest complaint about her was she whined so much about her insecurities with Henry. What I did like was how Carter incorporated the Titans into the story line. And I actually like Calliope the Villain of the story, ( I know what a weird thing to say) only because she was very consistent character wise and with her hatred towards Kate even after her major plans failed she still found ways to disrupt Kate's life, the ending which is a major cliffhanger being one of them. Overall I found this to be a quick read and I'm even looking forward to the third book in the series.

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